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A sustainable fashion initiative engages with UK’s new landscape programme – Times of India

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SU.RE (Sustainable Resolution), a collaborative initiative by United Nations India, Ministry of Textiles, the Government of India and the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India has now partnered with the British Council to reinforce sustainability within India’s apparel sector. This strategic collaboration empowers SU.RE signatories to transform into sustainable brands but also serves as a conduit for collaboration with like-minded partners in the UK, Denmark and beyond.The signatories of the initiative have embarked on a journey of sustainable transition towards ground-breaking impact on the domestic fashion market. They entered into a SU.RE pact and pledged to move to sustainable supply chains by 2030.
Taking this initiative a notch higher, the partners of SU.RE have announced a new project comprising three comprehensive phases between May and October this year. The project aims to guide and support participating signatories on their sustainability journey through mentorship sessions, development of actionable plans and addressing challenges such as consumer perception and stakeholder alignment.
Speaking about the programme, Ruchira Das, director of Arts India, British Council said, “We’re delighted to partner with SU.RE on this pioneering initiative. It marks a significant stride in fostering sustainable practices within the Indian fashion industry. This project presents a unique opportunity for fashion practitioners to forge international connections, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and a collaborative spirit. Through the UK study tour, delegates contributed their expertise and engaged with emerging practitioners working in the field of circular fashion. We’ve consistently championed cultural exchange, fostered creative expression, and built robust, sustainable networks that transcend borders. We believe this project has the potential to be truly transformative, catalysing a sustainable transition and paving the way for a more enduring future in fashion.”
The project’s timeline commits to achieve sustainable outcomes by fostering dialogue, knowledge exchange, and actionable strategie

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