April 2023 Horoscope: When Travel Will Be the Most Enjoyable This Month, According to Your Sign


Throughout all of this, Mars is moving through Cancer, your twelfth house of solitude, mental health, and contemplation, creating an internal buzzing and restlessness. Escape through travel or retreat will help settle your mind. Physical activity is also a great remedy, especially if it involves swimming or water sports. Take advantage of any quiet solo time you get over the next two months before Mars enters Leo in May and life really speeds up. 

Finally, the Sun will enter Taurus, your tenth house of career and vocation, on April 20, shifting your focus to this area of life. Ease into this weekend, for it may be a jarring shift leading you to feel a bit exposed or caught off guard at work. Do your best to stay centered. Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus the following day on April 21, marking an extended period of restructuring and reorganization. If you’re looking for a new job, this is a great time to refresh your resume, website, or portfolio. 

Virgo Rising

Aries season tends to be a quieter time for you externally, yet a powerful time for processing and healing internally. It’s important to honor what you’re moving through and to not rush the process. Aries is your eighth house of therapy and emotional processing, as well as more mundane topics such as taxes, loans, and debt. The eighth house is considered a difficult place in the birth chart as it’s associated with topics we tend to want to disregard or put off until later, like facing emotional wounding and attempting to heal past trauma. This Aries season, however, is an excellent time to approach those topics for there is so much potential for actionable change. This comes in contrast to the full moon in Libra on Wednesday, April 5, which pulls focus to your second house of finances, material items, and spending. This full moon shines a light on your relationship to finances and highlights any needs or desires in this area of life, such as higher income or purchases you want to make, or the need to save and budget more effectively. While the full moon in Libra invites you to examine how you can bring in more of what you want and need financially, the Sun in Aries reveals the ways in which you need to rely on others to help fulfill other material or emotional needs. This is further highlighted by the auspicious alignment of the Sun and Jupiter on April 11, which could present an opportunity to give or receive support to a partner or loved one. Eclipse season begins on April 19 with a solar eclipse in Aries, officially starting off a cycle related to mutual care and support over the next 1.5 years. It’s time to imagine a life where you are taken care of as much as you take care of others. 

Meanwhile, your ruling planet Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, April 3, where it will remain for an unusually long stay until June 11, because of its upcoming retrograde. Taurus is your ninth house of international travel, foreign people, and cultures, as well as spirituality and study. Your ruling planet spending an extended amount of time in this area of your life makes this an excellent time to travel and explore. Be curious. Venus, the planet that rules your ninth house, is moving through Gemini, your tenth house of career, so you could find yourself traveling for work, or working with people from different countries and cultures. If you find yourself abroad during this time, expect travel delays around the retrograde station on April 21, but other than that, use this as a period to practice your language skills, embark on a new area of study in a region that is culturally significant to you, or simply spend time exploring. Your travel bug is here to stay for a while as the Sun enters Taurus on April 20, to be joined by Jupiter in May. Ask yourself: What do you want to see, and how can travel to other places open your eyes? 

Libra Rising

Aries season tends to be a social time for you, but the themes of connection and relationships are here to stay throughout the year, thanks to events that kick off in April. We start the month with Mercury entering Taurus, your eighth house of therapy, giving and receiving support, and more mundane topics like taxes, loans, and debts. Mercury will stay in Taurus for an extended period of time this year–over two months–as it will station retrograde here on April 21 (yes, this is a friendly reminder to get your taxes in early this year). With Mercury spending so much time in your eighth house, you have more time and space to focus on healing, especially emotional wounds and traumas that you haven’t adequately processed. If you don’t already have a therapist, this could be a good time to find one, or reach out to a trusted mentor or friend who can hold space for you. A full moon in Libra on Wednesday, April 5, lights up your first house of identity, body, and appearance, putting the spotlight directly on you. This full moon sheds light on aspects of your identity that you’re ready to let go of, change or transform. Be sure to approach this without judgment, for there are often seasons in our lives that are right for letting go, and this full moon signals a gentle beginning of that process. Again, seek support in this process, and know that there is no rush whatsoever. 

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