Cheapest holiday destination in the world is one of the most walkable cities


The travel luggage storage company Bounce has shared the most for an abroad that does not break the bank.

With most tourists looking to cut costs wherever possible, the company noted that taking a holiday in a slightly unusual location can make a break more , with fewer tourists around and plenty new to discover.

Analysing the typical cost of hotels, meals out, transportation and drinks, Bounce found that the cheapest city break destination is .

Located on the Bega River towards the west of the country, the typical cost of a hotel room in Timișoara is £82 per night, with an average meal out priced at just £5.

The also features a number of beautiful parks and colourful architecture and is known as one of the most walkable cities in Europe.

Another city recommended by Bounce for its affordability is Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and home to more than 16million.

Known as the home of the tango, the city has plenty of nightlife, along with very affordable ways to enjoy the sights, such as taking a trip to La Boca, a neighbourhood known for it’s colourful houses, art museums and bars.

However, the company recommended that visitors take advantage of the location’s incredibly affordable wine, with a bottle typically costing £2.63, and a taxi ride back to the hotel averaging at just £0.31 per kilometre.

Another unconventional destination that makes for a good value city break is Baku, Azerbaijan, known as the City of Winds.

Whilst its location on the Caspian Sea can give the city some rough weather at times, Bounce found that public transport is particularly cheap, with travellers paying an average of £0.19 per journey.

In addition, there is plenty to visit, such as Yanar Dag, the burning mountain where natural gas has caused a constant fire since the 1950s when it was accidentally lit by a shepherd.

Most Affordable City Break Destinations (Value Score):

  1. Timișoara, Romania – 8.63
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina – 8.22
  3. Baku, Azerbaijan – 8.18
  4. Yogyakarta, Indonesia – 8.08
  5. Tbilisi, Georgia – 7.73
  6. Brno, Czech Republic – 7.57
  7. Cape Town, South Africa – 7.52
  8. Shanghai, China – 7.52
  9. Cadiz, Spain – 7.39
  10. Bogota, Columbia – 7.25

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