easyJet predicts 3D printed luggage by 2070


easyJet’s report suggests that tourists will be able to 3D print their luggage by 2070 or sleep in an underwater hotel. Hotel staff might be replaced by a holographic personal holiday concierge.

The travel giant asked a group of academics and futurists to share their best guesses of how the future of travel might look.

easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren said: “Innovation is in our DNA and we’re always challenging ourselves to think big and look at how we can make travel even easier for people all across Europe both today and for generations to come.

“From biometric heartbeat passports, to time-travelling holiday experiences, travel in 2070 is likely to be very different and exciting indeed.”

The team said the report’s goal was to look at the future of travel for everyone, not just for luxury tourists. 

From hotels to airport security and the flight itself, the experts believe travel will look very different by 2070.

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The flight

Passengers will be able to breeze through security as travel documents are replaced by heartbeat and biometric passports.

Every person has their own unique cardiac signature so passengers will be tracked by theirs on a global system.

Say goodbye to an uncomfortable flight as plane seats will adapt to passengers’ body shape, height, weight and temperature.

The classic taxi transfer will be replaced by electric VTOL aircraft flights, making the journey to the hotel far smoother.

The hotel

The hotel breakfast buffet could reach new heights of choice as passengers will be able to 3D print their favourite dish.

With a digital menu, guests will be able to type in exactly what they want, before the printer creates it in front of them.

Guests will also be provided with a digital holographic personal concierge to help with any issues or queries.

Every hotel room will be a smart room with beds made exactly to firmness, with ambient temperatures and the guest’s favourite music will be played.

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Tourists can say goodbye to lost luggage nightmares as they’ll be able to print new clothes using the 3D printers.

According to the experts, the new tech will help to keep the hotels green and minimise any impact on the environment.

The entertainment

The experts predict that holidaymakers will be able to take a trip to the past by wearing a haptic suit.

Dr Melissa Sterry said: “Haptic suits could intensify the experience, to make you feel with every fibre of your body that you are actually there, experience it just as they would have all those years ago.”

Tourists will be able to use in-ear devices to translate English into the local language in real time. Cable skiing and flyboarding will become normal holiday activities.

Professor Birgitte Anderson of Birkbeck College, who led the report, said: “This next 50 years will bring the largest technological advances we have ever seen in travel and tourism.

“Aspects of how we holiday will be transformed beyond recognition; in the future holidaymakers will be queuing at the hotel buffet to have their breakfast omelettes and fry-ups 3D printed by machines, our heartbeat will become our passport, and in-ear devices will translate the local language in real time and enable us to speak the local lingo.

“Looking forward, by the year 2070 the destinations we fly to, the type of accommodation we stay in, and the experiences we have, will have changed immeasurably.”

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