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England beat Pakistan in third women’s T20 international – as it happened

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Raf Nicholson’s report from Headingley

And that’s it from Headingley, replete in the sunshine. England can sup on their victory tonight, but the one-day series follows fast on its heels, starting on Thursday at Derby, followed by games at Taunton and Chelmsford. Pakistan must lick their wounds, and take heart from a better performance. We’ll be back later in the week, enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely evening!


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Captain talk

The Pakistan captain, Nida Dar: “It was a good surface. Improvement in the batting side, senior players took responsibility. If you push to the spaces you have runs. Diana Baig has been a key player, puts in the energy to do something for Pakistan. The crucial time we dropped catches, cost us a little bit. Take the positives.

The England captain, Heather Knight: “Good I thought, Really please for Danni Wyatt, in general we’ve had performances from a lot of players in this series. Pakistan have put us under some pressure, but we’ve stayed calm and tried to wrestle back control.

“Really please for Lauren Filer and bowling like that , our point of difference. We’re tracking really well for the World Cup, still got a few fine things to tune up, lots of people putting in performances. We haven’t played a huge amount of one-day cricket so looking forward to playing a bit more – we’ve only played nine games in the last 18 months.”

Presentation time: Players of the match and series

The player of the match is: Danni Wyatt! “I really like playing here,” she says. “I hate failing but that is part of the way we play T20 cricket, I started thinking about a hundred. I’ve enjoyed fielding, credit to our fielding coach Nick.”

Player of the series: Amy Jones. “I’m happy to have contributed,” she says. “I’ve spent a bit of time with the mental game out in New Zealand, trying to concentrate on one ball at a time. It is great fun to keep against the spinners, they keep me on my toes, what a line up we’ve got.”


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England duly complete a 3-0 whitewash, led by a smashing innings from Danni Wyatt, who played herself into form – albeit with a smidgen of good fortune (she was dropped three times). If Pakistan could only have held their chances in the field, they might have been looking at an altogether more gettable target – instead they had to squint as England disappeared into the distance in the final ten overs. They need, says Tammy Beaumont, to learn how to handle pressure better.

England win by 34 runs!

20th over: Pakistan 142-4 (Dar 29, Aliya Riaz 35) Ecclestone gets the last over at a baking Headingley, massages the ball between her fingers. Pakistan can’t muscle a boundary from it, just five singles, but the partnership of 69 between Dar and Riaz is Pakistan’s highest in T20s v England; the opening partnership between Feroza and Ameen of 60 was their second highest. So a thumping defeat for Pakistan, but visible improvement with the bat.

19th over: Pakistan 137-4 (Dar 27, Aliya Riaz 32) Gibson with the penultimate over, starts with high no ball, but Pakistan can’t profit off the free hit – just the one from it. A gorgeous golf shot brings Aliya Riaz two, then four pingoed back over Gibson’s head off a full toss. Pakistan finishing with style!

18th over: Pakistan 126-4 (Dar 25, Aliya Riaz 24) Dar picks up the momentum – nothing to lose at this stage – and mullers Dean straight into the crowd, before aiming to go again through deep mid wicket – NSB goes for the catch but ends up splat on her belly as the ball goes through her feet.

17th over: Pakistan 112-4 (Dar 12, Aliya Riaz 23) Aliya Riaz can’t make the most of a juicy long hop from Glenn, only picking up two – and there are no boundaries off the over.

16th over: Pakistan 107-4 (Dar 11, Aliya Riaz 19) Ecclestone dumps her hands on her head as Dar sweeps with gumption, the ball tumbling for four. Next ball, Dar tries to flick one into the off side. Ecclestone wants a REVIEW – Knight is persuaded, but the ball is missing. Dar survives a ripping spinner off the last ball.

15th over: Pakistan 102-4 (Dar 7, Aliya Riaz 18) Cheers for the Pakistan hundred, which comes up with a wide off Gibson. Ten from the over, Dar and Riaz cantering their singles and Dar gliding four.

14th over: Pakistan 92-4 (Dar 2, Aliya Riaz 15) Eleven from Filer’s last over. Two wides then Aliya lets fly at two misdirected balls, one flayed through the covers for four, the next back over Filer’s head for two more. Alex Hartley, on comms, is not impressed with the captaincy – thinks Filer should have been left for the tail.

13th over: Pakistan 80-4 (Dar 1, Aliya Riaz 6) Capsey at backward point leaks four through her legs off an unimpressed Glenn. A big appeal for lbw – but Knight not keen on the review.


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12th over: Pakistan 74-4 (Dar 0, Aliya Riaz 1) Super pace from Filer – Sadaf has time to drive her nicely down the drive for four before edging behind.


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WICKET! Sadaf c Jones b Filer 6 (Pakistan 73-4)

Sadaf throws herself at a fast short ball from Filer, and Jones leaps to capture.

WICKET! Muneeba c Wyatt b Dean (Pakistan 69-3)

A tigerish pounce from Wyatt at backward point, as Muneeba looks to tuck into an over-pitched ball from Gibson. 11th over: Pakistan 69-3 (Sadaf 2)

10th over: Pakistan 67-2 (Muneeba 3, Sadaf 1) At the same stage in their innings, England were 69-2, but Pakistan have lost both their set batters. Feroza picks up four from Dean’s first ball before meeting her downfall.

WICKET! Feroza c Filer b Dean 30 (Pakistan 64-2)

Oh dear, another sweep to fall. Feroza top edges with one hand, and Filer on the edge of the circle makes no mistake.

WICKET! Ameen lbw Ecclestone 26 (Pakistan 60-1)

9th over: Pakistan 56-0 (Feroza 26, Ameen 22) Ecclestone turns the screw with four dot balls, Ameen relieves the pressure with a sweep for four, but then goes to sweep again and is caught on the back foot. Looks as if she’s going to review but changes her mind – unfortunately for her, as replays show glove in the mix.

8th over: Pakistan 56-0 (Feroza 26, Ameen 22) England racing through these overs in a flash, before Pakistan realise they are happening. A tight over by Glenn, just four from it, and including a review for a stumping. An enthusiastic crowd, in hats and caps, girl and woman heavy, watch intently.

7th over: Pakistan 52-0 (Feroza 24, Ameen 20) Feroza, light on her feet, shimmies Gibson over long off for four.

6th over: Pakistan 45-0 (Feroza 17, Ameen 20) Ecclestone, long sleeves, flowing pony tail. Has Feroza’s number with her first ball, but the second is hammered straight bac kpast her for four. At the end of the power play, Pakistan remain ahead of England at the same stage.


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5th over: Pakistan 40-0 (Feroza 12, Ameen 20) Time for the in-form Sarah Glenn. Ameen, back in her crease, shunts her through square leg for four. Pakistan are ahead of where England were at this stage.

4th over: Pakistan 34-0 (Feroza 11, Ameen 15) Love Filer’s constipated chicken impression at the start of her run. Bowling in the low seventies. Just a single and wide off the over, Ameen can’t take advantage of a slightly haywire line.

3rd over: Pakistan 32-0 (Feroza 11, Ameen 14) A super start this by Pakistan. Ameen drives Dean through extra cover for four, then cuts, heavy on the back foot, for four more. Four wides as the ball darts legside then Feroza scoops the last for four more round the corner. Game, at the moment, on!

2nd over: Pakistan 14-0 (Feroza 7, Ameen 5) It’s Filer, tall, wily and fast. The second ball is a huge no-ball, but Pakistan can only pick up a single from the free hit – an Exocet yorker. Feroza gets a bit of varnish on a leg side ball, which flies down to the rope.

1st over: Pakistan 7-0 (Feroza 2, Ameen 5) Charlie Dean with the first over – three singles then Ameen stylishly dispatches her through the covers for four.

Here comes the chase!

Pakistan need 177 to win.

An entertaining romp of an innings from England, containing fireworks from Wyatt, who was dropped three times, some chaotic fielding from Pakistan, and an England mini-collapse. Back shortly for the Pakistan chase.

WICKET! Filer run out (Shamas/Baig) 2 (England 176-9)

20th over: England 176-9 (Dean 7) Chaos! Three wickets in the final over, four byes from a directionless full toss from Baig, and a chaotic run out from overthrows off the final ball.

WICKET! Glenn b Baig 1 (England 174-9)

Done by a slower ball, leg stump sent on its way.

WICKET! Ecclestone c Riaz b Baig 2 (England 168-8)

Ecclestone has a go, and Riaz collects in front of the Western Terrace.

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