Thursday, June 20, 2024

England staff to unveil secrets of elite sports performance at Southend events

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Dr Ishtiaq Rehman and Neil Parsley will host the events taking place in Southend on May 23 and May 24, 2024.

Dr Rehman, a consulting doctor for the England FA, and Mr Parsley, a Physical performance coach presently consulting for Manchester City, England FA and GB Snowsport, will provide extensive knowledge from their respective areas.

Echo: Both events take place later this month

These gatherings will cater to sports professionals from across Essex and parents of sports loving children as well as youth sports coaches in the county.

The May 23 program, aiming at professionals, trainers and nutritionists, will offer detailed insights into sports performance through live Q&A sessions, attendees will get the chance to engage directly with industry titans.

The May 24 event is designed for parents of young athletes.

It will provide expert advice on youth training, nutrition, and managing inflammation.

Additionally, tips for managing nutrition in children with ADHD and acute anxiety will also be shared.

Due to its exclusive character, attendance is strictly by invitation.

Those interested can register via or call 07936405492.

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