Expert shares ‘lesser-known’ destinations perfect for budget break


Spain might be the most popular destination in the UK for a foreign holiday, but it’s not always the cheapest choice. A travel expert has shared a few off-the-beaten-track alternatives that might be a more wallet-friendly choice for a summer holiday this year.

Evan Day, Kayak UK country manager, said: “This year, why not venture off the beaten path and discover some of Europe’s lesser-known destinations, such as Tirana in Albania, Bari in Italy, or Porto in Portugal?

“Average flight prices to these cities are flat to pre-pandemic levels. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience these destinations before the crowds catch on.”

Although Albania has started attracting a lot of attention due to its picture-perfect beaches and cheap prices, it’s still under the radar of many tourists.

Britons could enjoy a cheap city break in Tirana, where the average price of a beer is just £1.56, for far less than in other European destinations.

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Britons looking for a beach break could check out Durres, the nearest resort to Tirana, just a 45 minute drive from the capital.

A flight to Tirana might be more expensive than to the Costa del Sol but recent research from Wise found that Britons could save hundreds on food, drink and accommodation.

Meanwhile, swapping a city break in Lisbon for a holiday in Portugal’s northern city of Porto could be a way to save money.

Porto has an attractive riverside cafe scene and tourists could take a day trip to go wine tasting in the pretty Douro Valley.

Italy’s Amalfi coast and Sicily might be some of the country’s most popular options for a beach break but tourists could experience the ‘bella vita’ for less in Bari.

Situated on the Adriatic sea, Bari isn’t a major tourist destination but has an attractive coastline.

The beach town is also close to Bologna, one of Italy’s top gourmet destinations, and the namesake of spaghetti bolognese.

Evan added: “Picking up a flight departing on Tuesday can lessen the cost of flight by around 15 percent compared to departing on Saturday, the most expensive day for starting a trip to Europe.

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“While embarking on a long-haul journey, a Tuesday take-off can cost you around nine percent less than leaving on a Friday.”

Flying on Tuesday or Wednesday instead of at the weekend could shave a sizable chunk of the price of flights.

Tourists close to the Scottish border could also try crossing over if they want to travel during school holidays as the two countries break up at different times.

Scotland tends to break up a couple of weeks before England so Scottish families could fly from an English airport to access cheaper prices at the start of the holiday. English tourists could try the same trick at the end of their school holidays.

Evan added: “Consider travelling to a destination with a weaker local currency than your own currency, to pare down your holiday expenses in a destination.”

Turkey, Egypt and Japan are all possible options with Turkey or Egypt likely to be the cheaper choices for British tourists.

Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh region was recently named one of the cheapest destinations for British holidaymakers looking for a beach break.

Turkish resorts such as Marmaris, Bodrum or Antalya are also often much cheaper than Spanish or French alternatives.

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