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Global Entrepreneur Programme: Qualifying Criteria for GEP and doing business in UK – Investing Abroad News

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Many entrepreneurs lack the necessary resources and innovative ideas to expand their business in their home country. For entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses exponentially worldwide, the UK’s Global Entrepreneur Programme may be worth exploring. The GEP is the Department for Business and Trade’s flagship program that enables ambitious, internationally mobile entrepreneurs and their innovation-rich businesses to scale and grow from a UK global headquarters.

Once a GEP-backed business establishes its global headquarters in the UK, it gets focused and tailored support as part of the GEP Alumni Academy. Global entrepreneurs who want to access the UK’s world-class ecosystem to accelerate their growth find GEP to be ideally suited to pursue their dreams.

How Entrepreneurs Benefit from UK GEP

  • Businesses are provided with an Innovator Founder Visa endorsement.
  • To ensure a smooth landing in the UK, you will work with dealmakers who are successful entrepreneurs with vast experience in scaling technology businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs will receive tailored support in developing funding strategies, partnerships and networks.
  • Once your business lands, you become part of our GEP Alumni Network.

Yash Dubal, Director & a Senior Immigration Associate at A Y & J Solicitors, London, United Kingdom says, “The Visa route for GEP (Global Entrepreneur Programme) is the innovator founder visa, which is very specific. In order to be eligible an applicant must have a business idea endorsed by a specific endorsing body and must be different from anything else on the market, whereby under the self – sponsor route and entrepreneur can set up any type of legal business in the U.K. as long as when they sponsor themselves for a skilled worker visa they meet the requirements of the visa.”

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Qualifying Criteria for GEP

  • GEP support innovative science and technology companies who are looking to scale from a UK global headquarters.
  • Your business will be beyond the proof-of-concept stage.
  • Your business currently does not have a presence in the UK (we only support overseas companies).
  • The business will also be generating or on the cusp of generating revenues, ideally with strong intellectual property (IP).
  • You will have a strong willingness to relocate your global headquarters to the UK with at least one co-founder based here.
  • You will have clear plans for building the company in the UK, including fast growth and creating highly skilled jobs here.

The United Kingdom is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. There are numerous reasons why businesses continue to select the United Kingdom, ranging from world-class financial services to a globally recognized workforce. The UK provides a great environment for entrepreneurs to start and grow their firms. Businesses in the UK can achieve their full potential with targeted help from the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP).

There are several reasons for global entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in the UK. It’s a great R&D hub with many fantastic universities, and research and development opportunities. Raising funds is considered to be faster with more progressive valuations than in many other parts of the world. The UK has one of the most active funding ecosystems available in Europe.

The UK is progressive with a local market that is adopting new technologies, products and platforms. Due to our central geographic position, the UK is a launchpad with amazing opportunities to expand internationally. The UK is home to a highly skilled and adaptable workforce that is keen to work for scaling ventures.

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