Gwyneth Paltrow’s accuser describes moment of impact during ski crash


Paltrow was seen shaking her head as Mr Sanderson told the court the contact from the collision felt “perfectly centred” in the bottom of his shoulder blades.

“I got hit in my back so hard, between my shoulder blades, a serious, serious smack… I’m flying,” Mr Sanderson said.

He said he recalled being knocked unconscious and coming round to a “male voice shouting”, who later turned out to be ski instructor Eric Christansen.

“I heard him saying ‘you weren’t skiing under the rules’, he was insistent I was the bad guy. I thought this must be (Paltrow’s) husband or boyfriend. It was a very angry person trying to bully me into thinking something,” he told the court. “I was trying to placate the man, mouthing I’m sorry.”

Attorneys for Paltrow later cross-examined Mr Sanderson, casting doubt on his claims and suggested he was using it as a cover for various failed relationships in his life.

When asked about the now-notorious email he sent to his three daughters days shortly after the crash with the subject line “I’m famous… at what cost”, he explained his wording: “My head was scrambled, I was trying to desperately communicate with my daughters,” he said, before fighting back tears. “I didn’t pick my words well or at all how I felt. I was adding levity to a serious situation and it backfired.”

His attorney asks: “Did you think it was cool to collide with a celebrity?” He explained he has never been interested in Hollywood types and that he just wanted to let his children know he was OK. “I’m not into celebrity worship, so I didn’t care at that point,” he said.

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