LSE academics elected as British Academy Fellows


Professor Patrick Sturgis, Professor Saul Estrin and Professor Susan Marks (left to right)

Three LSE academics have become Fellows of the British Academy, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to humanities and social science.

Professor Susan Marks, Professor Patrick Sturgis and Professor Saul Estrin are among 86 distinguished Fellows who have been elected to the Academy.

Founded in 1902, the British Academy is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. It is a Fellowship of over 1600 of the leading minds in these subjects from the UK and overseas, as well as being a funding body for research and a forum for debate and engagement.

Welcoming the new Fellows, President of the British Academy and Strategic Director of Innovation at LSE Professor Julia Black said: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome yet another outstanding cohort to the Academy’s Fellowship. The scope of research and expertise on display across our newly elected UK, Corresponding and Honorary Fellows shows the breadth and depth of knowledge and insight held by the British Academy. It is our role to harness this to understand and help shape a better world.

“With the vast expertise and wide-ranging insights brought by our new Fellows, the Academy continues to showcase the importance of the SHAPE disciplines in opening fresh seams of knowledge and understanding, while simultaneously advancing the well-being and prosperity of societies worldwide. I wholeheartedly congratulate each of our new Fellows on this achievement and look forward to working together.”

Professor Susan Marks, Professor of International Law, works on themes including democracy, poverty, torture, counter-terrorism and apology. Her current work is concerned with exploitation and dispossession, and with some general questions on systematic theory in international law.

Professor Patrick Sturgis, Professor of Quantitative Social Science, focuses on survey and statistical methods and their application to understanding social and political behaviour. His substantive research interests include public opinion dynamics, political behaviour, how neighbourhood contexts influence individual attitudes and group norms, intergenerational social mobility and how this relates to geographical location, and public attitudes to science and technology.

Professor Saul Estrin, Emeritus Professor of Management Economics and Strategy, has long focused on the micro-economics of comparative economic systems, with an early interest in state owned firms, labour-managed firms, planning and socialist economies. In recent years, he has concentrated on international business strategy issues and entrepreneurship.

To find out more about this year’s British Academy Fellows, please visit: The British Academy welcomes 86 new Fellows showcasing the breadth and depth of humanities and social sciences research | The British Academy

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