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New train route that connects three European countries that cost less than £7

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A train connects three connects three countries together and tickets start at just £7 ($8). 

The , originally built 150 years ago, links Italy to Croatia via Slovenia.

It was closed for over 30 years but has recently reopened with eight stops en route.

Passengers can get on at Villa Opicina train station in Trieste at 7:50am.

The first stop is Sezana on the Slovenian border, followed by Divaca, Pivka and Ilirska Bistrica, the final stop in Slovenia, at 8:54am.

The train then crosses into Croatia, stopping at Sapjane, Opatija Matulji and Rijeka, the final destination.

The return train departs Rijeka at 6:25pm, arriving back in Italy’s Villa Opicina at 8:40pm. The service will run until late September and if successful, it’s hoped it will operate long term.

Operator Slovenian Railways states on their website: “The aim of the project is to improve the connectivity of the two regions and to test the feasibility of using public transport for tourism purposes on this route.”

Adult tickets start from €8 (£7) each way, while kids aged 6 to 12 travel for just €4 (£3.50). Children under six travel free of charge.

Tickets between some stations start from as little as €1.20 (£1), with the cheapest route being between Ilirska Bistrica and Sapjane, a distance of just 11km.

WiFi is available onboard and bikes can be taken as well at a small extra cost. 

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