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NCT DoJaeJung, boy band NCT’s new subunit, have secured a spot on the prestigious UK music magazine NME‘s coveted list of the “Top 50 Songs of 2023.” Standing tall at number 45, DoJaeJung are the sole male K-pop artists to grace this esteemed lineup, making waves with the sensational track, ‘Perfume.’
The music magazine showered praise on ‘Perfume,’ recognizing its departure from the typical experimental and colorful sounds associated with NCT’s music.Instead, DoJaeJung opted for a smoother musical style, leaving a profound and lasting impact on listeners.
The magazine drew attention to the fact that this deviation from the norm played a significant role in earning ‘Perfume’ its well-deserved spot alongside global music icons like The Beatles, Lana Del Rey, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, Dua Lipa, and even Ryan Gosling.
The journey to the Top 50 Songs list has been a remarkable one for NCT DoJaeJung, who made their debut in April and quickly soared to new heights with their first mini-album, ‘Perfume.’ The album not only dominated the K-pop unit debut charts but also clinched the top spots on domestic album and music charts. To add to the accolades, DoJaeJung emerged victorious on various music shows, solidifying their global recognition.
This achievement follows the earlier acknowledgment by NME, which listed NCT DoJaeJung in their “Best K-pop Songs of the First Half of 2023” back in June. The fact that they are the only male K-pop artist featured in the “Top 50 Songs of 2023” serves as a testament to their rising prominence in the international music scene.
The latest recognition comes at a time when NCT DoJaeJung continue to captivate audiences worldwide, not only with their chart-topping success but also with a musicality that resonates on a deeper level. ‘Perfume’ stands as a testament to their versatility and ability to push boundaries within the K-pop genre.
As the chapter closes on 2023, NCT DoJaeJung’s inclusion in the illustrious list adds another jewel to their crown, marking a phenomenal year that has seen them break barriers and redefine expectations in the ever-evolving world of K-pop. As their global journey unfolds, the impact of ‘Perfume’ and its recognition among the best songs of the year will undoubtedly be a milestone celebrated by fans and music enthusiasts alike.

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