Prince William stepping up to become Global Statesman, and his Poland visit is proof


Prince William seems to be taking the center stage, as his younger brother Prince Harry remains miles away from the royal spotlight. According to The Daily Mail, the Prince of Wales is preparing to go beyond his current duties by taking on the role of global statesman, ready to dive deep into important causes and not shy away from addressing them.

What set the stage for the Prince’s new role was his visit to Poland last week, which included him expressing gratitude to British servicemen on the Ukraine border and discussing the Russia-Ukraine war with Polish President Andrzej Duda. Sources familiar with the matter say that the surprise trip reflected his interests in diplomacy, politics, and world affairs, something the UK’s royal family has stood away from in the past.

“It was important for the Prince to travel to Poland last week to not only recognise the duty of our troops, but also to shine a light on the ongoing humanitarian crisis. This is a continuation of the evolution of his role as a global statesman,” said a spokesperson of Kensington Palace.

“We talk often about him using his global platform for the good of the environment via Earthshot. But this is the first opportunity for him to take a visit of this kind as Prince of Wales, and given that it is one of the biggest political issues facing every country on the planet, this is a demonstration of him growing as a statesman-like figure,” the spokesperson added.

Prince and Princess of Wales taking on bigger roles

According to unnamed sources, Prince William also took part in the planning of his trip and made sure to “express a wish” to meet refugees in Poland and address the humanitarian crisis. Even his decision to eat a meal at an LGBT restaurant in the Polish capital of Warsaw was perceived to be a part of a larger picture to portray him as a global statesman.

The Princess of Wales also wishes to go beyond her current title. According to the outlet, she is said to “appreciate the history” of the title she possesses, but will “want to look to the future as she creates her own path.” Among other things, Prince William will also play an important role at the coronation of his father, King Charles, even if a separate investiture ceremony for him is “not on the table” yet. 

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