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Small ‘tear’ in passport leaves UK yoga teacher in tears & barred from flying home via India – Times of India

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At times, even a ‘tear’ can leave people in tears and agony. And in this case, a UK yoga teacher faced similar distress after discovering she was unable to travel from Thailand due to a small tear in her passport. Having recently completed her yoga certification in India, Viscomi had been enjoying her time on Koh Pha-ngan before attempting to return home to Norfolk via a multi-stop flight through Bangkok, India, and Turkey, New York Post report.
The report said that upon arriving in Bangkok, she was denied boarding by IndiGo Airlines due to a 1-centimeter tear on her passport’s photo page.Viscomi, frustrated by the situation, lamented, “I never thought a tear would be such a problem for me.” Despite having traveled with the tear on previous occasions without issue, airline staff informed her that she needed a direct flight to London from Bangkok.
“Immigration are saying that they could charge me 320 euros on top of the flight cost because I’ve overstayed my visa,” Viscomi explained. “My 60-day visa had run out for Thailand, so I had to go to the Cambodia border to extend my visa.”
She added, “Everything was fine, then at the airport they told me that I didn’t get the right stamps and I was here illegally.”
The “stressful” situation brought her to tears, the report said.
“There are so many complications; I was at immigration just crying, and everyone kept saying there’s nothing they can do,” she said. “I just want to go home — it seems like more and more problems keep arising.”
Fearful of potential repercussions, Rosie Viscomi sought assistance from Thai immigration and the UK Embassy to secure her safe return home, a process that has incurred significant expenses amounting to hundreds of pounds.
“I don’t actually have any money left — I did not account for this extra expense,” lamented the Yoga teacher, who said her predicament was particularly painful as she was unemployed.”

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