Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Israeli forces strap injured Palestinian to jeep bonnet and drive off

Israeli forces strapped a wounded Palestinian man to the front of a jeep and drove off in Jenin, West Bank.The move, which has been...

Hezbollah on the warpath after Israel kills top commander – Middle East on brink

Hezbollah launched a massive missile attack on Israel, firing over 200 rockets into the north of the country.The unprecedented strike was in retaliation for...

Netanyahu vows ‘strong action’ against Hezbollah

Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to take “strong action” against Hezbollah after the...

World holds breath as Russia ‘prepares for use’ of nuclear weapons

Russia has begun testing the "use of nuclear weapons" in response to "threats" from The West, the country's defense ministry has announced.In a chilling...

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