Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Rishi Sunak’s summer election brings hope to Britain’s bruised financial sector

As Britain prepares to revisit the ballot box, executives in the City of London are hoping a new government will pay them more attention...

How does general election ‘purdah’ impact key medtech projects?

Surprising the majority of Westminster watchers, and most of his own MPs, UK Prime Minister,...

Terminal breast cancer patient euthanized on New Zealand beach after she reveals her final day: ‘Exactly what she wanted’

A terminally ill British woman “peacefully” died by euthanasia while surrounded by her loved ones on a beach in New Zealand after fighting for...

HSBC and Deloitte withdraw job offers for foreign graduates in UK after visa rule change

HSBC and Deloitte have recently rescinded job offers to foreign graduates in the UK, citing the government's new stringent visa regulations. This move follows...

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