The scumbag’s guide to betting the 2023 NCAA men’s basketball tournament, day 2


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What are we doing here? ESPN, prominent betting experts on Twitter, several coworkers, family members and a few hosts of NCAA hoops podcasts are picking Drake to win this game? I’m trying to keep profanity out of this article, but it is difficult with this level of ineptitude. DRAKE? REALLY?

Here is a list of teams that Drake lost to this year: Indiana State, Richmond (by 30), Saint Louis, Missouri State (twice), Southern Illinois and Bradley. Notable win(s): Mississippi State. That’s right… one win that actually means anything. Great season Drake. Just like Colgate, you dominated a very poor conference.

By comparison, here is a list of teams that Miami lost to: Duke (twice), Florida State, Pittsburgh, North Carolina State, Georgia Tech and Maryland (by 18). Notable wins for Miami include: Providence, N.C. State, Duke, Virginia, Clemson and Pitt.

Also noteworthy, Miami was one of nine (I believe… might be eight) Division I teams that had ZERO players transfer this offseason. That speaks to the culture that Coach Larranaga has built in Miami. This team is all in on winning THIS YEAR. Wong and Miller are a backcourt that can take over a game. They also could have left to play professionally, but decided to stay.

Did they come back so they could lose to Drake in the opening round of the NCAA tournament???

Coaching and backcourt play win games in March. Larranaga is 12-10 all time in NCAA tournament games. That is an insane amount of experience preparing for moments just like this. You think he doesn’t love that everyone is picking against them? Not this degenerate! I’m with you Jim (also a Rhode Island Scumbag as he graduated from PC in 1971). Give me the Canes, and watch the live twitter reactions as all of the Drake backers start making excuses.

I’m putting 20 units on the Hurricanes.

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