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UK general election latest: Harder to have own home under Tories, Sunak tells BBC – BBC News

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More from Sir Ed Davey now – who has been speaking with the BBC and other media this afternoon.

an interview at Thorpe Park he insisted his party’s financial plan was “cautious”.

response to today’s manifesto launch, the Institute for Fiscal Studies
warned “there are clear risks that their package of tax measures would not
raise the £27bn a year that they claim.”

Lib Dems’ proposals to raise taxes on banks would need to see them reach “new

would be “difficult” to raise £7bn by cracking down on tax avoidance and
a new policy of taxing frequent flyers would require “an entirely new
administrative mechanism”, the think tank has said.

about how a £8.35bn package for the NHS and social care would be funded, Davey said some money was already in the budget.

He said the
party had taken “expert advice” and possible savings from the NHS had not been
included in costings.

On Europe, he dismissed suggestions it would be
hard to win the votes of “blue wall” Brexit supporters, as an “unashamed
pro-European party”.

Davey said the Lib Dems would get a “much better” trade deal by being co-operative with the EU.

He continued: “The Conservatives have so undermined our
relationship with our nearest European friends, so poisoned the trust there, that it’s going to take some considerable time to build back.”

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