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Women-only gym opens in Sidcup with hundreds of members already

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Goldex Fitness, situated on Station Road, gives women the chance to work out in what some people feel like a male-dominated space.

Georgia Mae-Fenton was at the launch on Saturday, April 20 to cheer on the endeavour, tour the gym and even teach a stretching class.

News Shopper: Goldex FitnessGoldex Fitness (Image: Gavin Brar)

Gavin Brar and his Uncle, Diljit Brar, own the gym together after the idea was sparked near the end of 2023.

Gavin said: “We opened a ladies-only gym in that particular area as it’s not a massive gym so we thought we would carve out a niche.

“There are also two quite famous dance and acting colleges near us which are predominantly female-based so we thought the area was really good for this.”

News Shopper: Goldex FitnessGoldex Fitness (Image: Gavin Brar)

While the weekend launch was the official opening of Goldex Fitness, the gym has been open to the public since Monday, April 15.

Before it even opened though, 600 women signed up to be members.

Gavin added: “That just goes to show that people are really keen to come in.

“All kinds of women from young students to mums to grandparents.

News Shopper: Goldex Fitness opensGoldex Fitness opens (Image: Gavin Brar)

“There’s such a big diversity of women that come for various reasons but the biggest one was so they can feel comfortable in a gym space.

“A lot of them actively choose not to go to the gym because it’s intimidating for lots of reasons.”

Another feature Gavin believes may attract people to Goldex Fitness is the inclusion of a defibrillator, which not ever gym has.

He went on to say it has been a “positive feeling” to see this project come to light.

News Shopper: Goldex FitnessGoldex Fitness (Image: Gavin Brar)

Women who have joined have been “thankful”, Gavin said, to have a women’s-only space with “leading gym equipment”.

Gavin said: “The reception has been awesome so that really is what gives us that feel-good feeling that the members are enjoying it.

Goldex Fitness is part of the Goldex group, a company which also operates the Costa franchises on Station Road, Sidcup High Street, Bexley and Blackfen.

As Goldex has been franchising Costa Coffee since around 2005, Gavin believes they are already invested in the area and community.

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