Your weekly horoscope is here: March 20 – March 26


After last week’s intensity, the cosmos delivers a huge change in energy and a brand-new beginning! The long cold winter days are officially over on Monday with the arrival of the Spring Equinox. March 20 is an incredibly important day, as it is the beginning of the astrological year. Plant a new seed, make a bold move, or take a risk—as anything started now will have a golden touch. 

The very next day, we welcome this month’s new moon, the last time to set intentions for the next two months! Today, look back at what transpired for you in the last twelve months. Armed with that information, ask yourself: what would I like to manifest for myself in the next year? For the next four weeks, we are all being inspired to channel our inner Aries, regardless of our sign. This means that we will attract success when behaving courageously in the pursuit of our goals! 

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