Friday, June 14, 2024

Alan Shearer: Newcastle v Tottenham friendly is ‘madness’

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Newcastle boss Eddie Howe described the tour to Australia as a “brilliant opportunity” to connect with the club’s fanbase.

“I think it’s important we grow the name of Newcastle at every opportunity we get,” Howe explained.

“You are sort of cocooned in England. You understand there is a wider support base, but if you are not exposed it then it’s difficult to understand it.”

Howe acknowledged that he will have to “rotate” his players and “give everyone some minutes” after such a long flight to Australia.

“That is difficult if you are just going on holiday, let alone playing so soon after landing. That will be the trickiest thing for us,” he added.

Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou said the “exposure and revenue” is a key element of the trip but acknowledged had they been in Europe this season he would have blocked it.

“If we had a bigger game schedule I probably would have said ‘no’ to it and I don’t think the club would have expected us to go,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s ideal but I think each situation is unique. I had a discussion with the playing group pretty early on about it and they understood why we are doing it.”

Meanwhile, Tottenham will head to South Korea as part of their pre-season tour of Asia this summer including a match against Bayern Munich, and potentially former skipper Harry Kane, in Seoul on 3 August.

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