Monday, May 27, 2024

‘At 47, I’ve trimmed off a dress size with these clever styling tricks’

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Cotton and silk blend dress, £395, Wiggy Kit 

What’s clever about her sizing is that many of the pieces have some degree of flexibility about them: trousers might have adjustable waistbands, with buttons on the side to cinch in or let out further, dresses have hidden elasticated panels at the back, and looser garments – a linen dress, for example, often come with built-in ties to customise the fit. “It’s essential because you can fluctuate sizes over the course of a month, or some days you want a looser or tighter fit than others,” she says.

Her direct communication with her own customers comes as a natural evolution of working on a shop floor. “Because I don’t have a physical shop of my own, it’s a really brilliant way for me to explain how to style a piece. I think so many women buy something online, it comes in a box, and then they don’t know how to make it look like the picture they bought. I want to show them exactly how to wear it and feel their best in it.” 

She is chatty, honest and direct – keen to impart all her tips. She generously reveals the product she credits with making her skin look so glowing, Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Face – “but not the one with fake tan in it” – along with places to stay in South Africa, where she frequently travels.

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