Saturday, June 22, 2024

Beachgoers in Greece urged to snitch on firms that break sunbed rules

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Greece is planning to use artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to target nuisance sun lounges on beaches – while also urging the public to inform on rental firms that break the rules.

With the tourist season approaching, the country’s government is to start monitoring the position of sunbeds, umbrellas and chairs on its pristine coastlines.

It comes after a law introducing stricter rules was passed on Wednesday amid growing concerns over overcrowding and the illegal use of public space on beaches.

The new system, which will be tested in early June, will monitor almost 8,000 beaches across Greece where businesses have been granted licences to use public sands.

Satellite photographs will be screened using artificial intelligence to catch firms that take up too much space with rental sunbathing spots.

The government hopes it will be able to issue fines to more offenders and reduce the money it spends on physical inspections of beaches.

The move follows the introduction of an app, called MyCoast, for beachgoers to report such violations.

Through the app, users can locate a beach on a map and check how much space firms have been allocated.

If they spot sunbeds outside of an area licensed to businesses, or any blatantly illegal installations, they can then file a complaint via the app.

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