Sunday, July 21, 2024

Best airline for connectivity has free wi-fi for all passengers and fast speeds

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The business connectivity experts at Bionic have shared the best airlines to use for passengers who plan on using wi-fi during their journey.

With many holiday destinations being several hours away, most tourists would like to stay in touch with loved ones and browse the internet to pass the time during their flight.

According to Bionic, the best airline for on-board wi-fi is JetBlue, the low-cost American airline that particularly focuses on journeys within North America and Europe.

JetBlue is one of very few airlines to currently offer free wi-fi to all passengers on board, no matter what class they are sitting in.

The company also offers particularly quick compared to other flight services, with Bionic recording an average speed of 20Mbps, and for those who do not have any of their own devices close to hand, offers a good level of entertainment.

Another airline that Bionic recommended for its good wi-fi service up in the air is Hawaiian Airlines, which also offers a free service for all passengers.

First introduced in February 2024, Hawaiian Airlines’ Starlink service was particularly praised since it offers the fastest signal by far for an airline company, with a typical speed of 100Mbps.

However, Bionics also suggested that the in-flight entertainment service was also impressive, being accessible both from the touchscreen on the seatback or via devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Finally, tourists looking to stay entertained and properly connected during their next long-haul flights were also advised to consider booking a journey with Qantas.

The famous Australian airline currently offers the longest direct journey flying out of the UK, taking passengers from London to Perth in just under 16 hours.

Fortunately, all passengers on these flights can also take advantage of free wi-fi, which typically has a very reasonable speed of 15Mbps.

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