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Best Live Dealer Baccarat Sites in the US – May 2024

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Online players who are 21 and older can play live dealer baccarat at any casino in a legal jurisdiction. While most live dealer casino games may cater to blackjack and roulette, you can find baccarat tables available 24/7.

This review will cover baccarat history, its rules and variants, and how to play at the best online casinos!

What is Live Dealer Baccarat?

Live dealer baccarat is a simple game that’s grown in popularity among new players and high-rollers in the U.S. who enjoy card games at a heightened pace. Besides regular baccarat, you may find other baccarat variants at any of our live casino options.

Screenshot of live dealer baccarat

Since gambling is popular in Asian cultures, these live baccarat games offer a Macau-like gaming experience. You’ll notice the prevalence of red, which symbolizes luck and prosperity, especially in Chinese culture.

However, playing baccarat first became popular among the French aristocracy in the late-15th century.

A Short History of Baccarat

There might be an Asian influence on baccarat stemming from the original version of Pai Gow, a game played with dominoes in China as far back as over 1,000 years ago!

It’s more probable that standard baccarat at live baccarat casinos derives from medieval Italian folklore.

Here’s a brief timeline of how we got today’s standard baccarat game:

  • 1400s: An Italian named Felix Falguiere may have created baccarat as a card game in 15th-century Italy based on an Etruscan legend relating to a nine-sided dice.
  • 1490s: As a traditional Italian card game, baccarat likely spread to France by soldiers returning from the Italian Wars; Chemin de Fer (an early version of baccarat) became popular among elites in France under King Charles VIII.
  • 1500s-1800s: Baccarat spread to England, eventually becoming available at public casinos and private games. The gaming industry also began to flourish in the Portuguese colony of Macau.
  • 1900s: Baccarat spread to the Americas and the Caribbean (American Baccarat, Punto Banco). The game also thrived along the French Riviera with the legalization of casinos in France. British author Ian Fleming popularized James Bond playing baccarat in Monte Carlo in the 1953 novel Casino Royale. Baccarat debuted at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the 1950s. The first casinos in Macau opened in the 60s and 70s, with baccarat available.
  • 2000s: In 2005, baccarat accounted for 85% of Macau’s gross gaming revenue, with VIP baccarat generating 63% of total casino gaming revenue.

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How Live Dealer Baccarat Is Played

When land-based casinos briefly closed during the coronavirus pandemic, live dealer games became popular online. Now, live baccarat online is widely available at regulated online casinos.

It’s easy to find at least one live baccarat table alongside live dealer blackjack tables and other well-known casino games.

Live dealer baccarat gameplay consists of choosing a casino in a legal jurisdiction. Select a welcome bonus at live baccarat online casinos to boost your bankroll when you start playing.

Players outside legal jurisdictions can choose a social casino, like Wow Vegas, at BetRivers. Social casinos help newcomers learn how to play live baccarat online before making a deposit.

After you log in to your casino account, navigate to the Live Dealer section.

You can start playing live baccarat at any baccarat table from your computer, laptop, or mobile device with an internet connection.

Simple Rules of Live Baccarat

In live dealer baccarat, two hands are dealt to a Player and Banker each round. The game objective of any baccarat game is to correctly guess the winning hand that will end with a value closest to (or exactly) nine.

If you think a round might end with both options having the same amount, you’d wager a Tie bet.

There are also a variety of side bets for the Player or Banker, including Either Pair and Perfect Pair.

Live Baccarat Games

Here’s an overview of the game rules for live baccarat online:

  • A real dealer hosts live games via eight standard 52-card decks from a dealing shoe.
  • Cards from 2 to 9 are worth their numerical value; 10s and face cards are each worth zero (0); Aces are each worth one (1) point.
  • Players place bets before each hand (Player bet, Banker bet, etc.).
  • The Player and Banker each receive two cards per hand; each hand gets valued numerically, dropping the first digit of any amount of ten or more (i.e., a 10-8 becomes an eight, and a 10-9 becomes a nine—both called a “natural”).
  • If the Player or Banker receives hands worth 0-7, the Third Card Rule goes into effect.
  • With an initial two-card hand between 0-5, a Player draws a third card and stands on 6 or 7; the Banker’s third card depends on the Player’s hand.
  • With a higher house edge of 1.24%, the Player bet pays even money or 1:1; a Banker wager with a 1.06% house advantage typically pays 0.95:1 with a 5% commission to the casino.
  • A Tie bet applies to the Player and Banker receiving the same value at the end of a round; with a high house edge of 14.36%, it pays 8:1.
  • Six side bets (P/B Pair, Perfect Pair, Either Pair, P/B Bonus) can payout from 1:1 for a push (tie) to 200:1 for two exact pairs; the house edge for side bets at live baccarat ranges from 2.65% – 13.71%

Where to Play the Best Live Baccarat Casinos

Online baccarat is available as a live dealer game at the best casinos in the U.S. To start playing live baccarat online, choose a real casino from our list of recommended options.

Regulated States

You can play live baccarat online in only a few states with regulated real money online casinos. Here’s a brief look at the best live baccarat casinos in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

BetRivers Casino

The online BetRivers Casino (formerly PlaySugarHouse) is available in MI, NJ, PA, and WV. Scroll down on the homepage or mobile app to find live dealer games.

Live baccarat takes place at a bean-shaped table in an Evolution Gaming studio. Baccarat games may include up to 15 options.

Log in to your account and click the Baccarat Lobby to see the available live baccarat tables. There’s also a Baccarat & Sic Bo category.

We saw several tables for Speed Baccarat. There were also a handful of standard versions (commission Baccarat) and other tables like No Commission Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze.

Minimum betting limits at BetRivers Casino’s live baccarat tables may range from $1 to $300. Check the baccarat game for information on side bets.

Caesars Palace Online Casino

The Caesars Palace Online Casino is available in MI, NJ, PA, and WV. New players may select a welcome bonus with a 100% Deposit Match up to $1,000 plus 2,500 Rewards Credits when you wager $25 or more.

Select the appropriate category for Live Dealer games. Click ‘Play’ on Live Dealer Baccarat to find a baccarat table.

You’ll get access to the Evolution Gaming studio for live games—with table limits at live baccarat ranging from $1 up to $10,000 for high-rollers.

BetMGM Casino

The online BetMGM Casino offers up to 22 live games for NJ players. The live baccarat category provides access to the Evolution Gaming studio.

BetMGM’s online casino is also available in MI, PA, and WV. Eligible players in those jurisdictions should visit their respective online casinos for live baccarat table options and betting limits.

Bally Casino

The Bally Online Casino is available in NJ and PA. Among live dealer baccarat casinos, Bally offers a unique welcome bonus for newbies. With a $10 minimum, players making their first deposit may receive up to $100 Cash Back on any net losses within 24 hours.

Click the Live Dealer category on the casino’s homepage or mobile app for live games. We saw a Live Dealer Speed Baccarat option. Betting limits for online players range from $1 to $5,000. Side bets include a Pair bonus, Perfect Pair, and Either Pair.

Social Casinos

Social casinos are available to eligible players across the U.S. Their popularity has grown recently due to the slow legal process of passing legislation associated with real money online casinos.

Most social casinos offer their own currency, such as Gold Coins (GCs), to play for fun. Players wager a different type of coin, like Sweepstakes Coins (SCs), to earn redeemable cash.

Gamers can choose from various social casinos that offer prizes in the form of cash rewards, like an electronic gift card.

Pulsz Casino

With more than 500,000 active players in the U.S., the Pulsz Casino offers free social casino games to players 18 or older outside “Restricted Territories” (Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington). There’s a desktop version as well as a mobile app.

Games at Pulsz include various online slots, like jackpots, classics, and Megaways. There are also a handful of scratchcards and arcade games.

However, there are only two table games: Texas Holdem Poker and Multihand Blackjack.

Live baccarat is not available at this time but should be added at some point.

High 5 Casino

The High 5 Casino is a social gaming option with over 30 million players! The casino is available on desktop or mobile apps. Like Pulsz, players can register an account at the High 5 Casino via Facebook or email.

An impressive game library, including its casino platform, is built in-house at the High 5 Casino—although there’s no online baccarat yet, but hope for them to add it in the future.

WOW Vegas Casino

The WOW Vegas is a social casino available to eligible players via desktop and mobile apps. WOW Vegas is strictly a social gaming site with online slots. The casino’s currency (WOW Coins) isn’t redeemable for cash prizes.

There’s no live baccarat at WOW Vegas. Casino

The Casino offers players in the U.S. a social gaming platform akin to its global brand. Like most social casinos, they provide daily login bonuses for GCs and SCs.

Games at include originals, slots, table games, and scratch cards. Players can also find various live games via the Live Dealer section. There are two providers: Beter Live and Stake Live.

Betting limits at Stake Baccarat range from GC 10K to GC 500M, while the Beter Live version of live baccarat offers a similar setup, among other games in the studio.

What It’s Like to Play Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is an exciting way to play at any online casino from a computer, laptop, or on a casino app  on your mobile device or tablet. Evolution provides one of the best live gaming experiences in the industry, just like baccarat at a land based-casino, offering newcomers a chance to learn how to engage with a live stream from multiple camera angles.

Knowing what you’re getting into before making any live baccarat bets is essential.

Here’s how to get started with any baccarat game round at a live dealer table:

  1. Choose a regulated casino from our list of recommended options.
  2. Register an account and make your first deposit.
  3. Navigate to the Live Dealer section.
  4. Select the main game of Baccarat Live or enter a Baccarat Lobby.
  5. Click the Baccarat category or browse through the live casino tables.
  6. Find a table that suits your bankroll ($1 minimum for beginners).
  7. Click ‘Play’ to enter the table’s live stream.
  8. Place your wager(s) on Player, Banker, Tie, and side bets.
  9. Hover over the game title in the upper left-hand corner (desktop versions for Evolution) to view bets, limits, and payouts.
  10. Choose from various icons in the upper right corner for Chat, Switch view (for a more miniature camera, close-up of betting options, etc.), Volume, Settings, Game History, How to Play, and Live Support.

Additional Features

Live casino players can also view the baccarat scorecards to observe trends and streaks. Options include the Bead Road and Big Road (Big Eye, Small, and Cockroach).

Above the Big Road are shoe statistics showing the number of completed rounds, Player/Banker wins, ties, and Player/Banker pairs. The Road Probing Table (red and blue oval-shaped buttons) depicts the potential icons that might get added to the three derived roads per Banker or Player wins in the next round.

A Baccarat Multiplay option (Evolution) is also in the lower right-hand corner. Players can use the feature for multi-seat baccarat gameplay by placing bets at any available live baccarat table.

Click the +TABLE button to stream up to four live dealer tables at once!

Different Live Baccarat Versions at Online Casinos

The original Punto Banco (baccarat) has evolved quite a bit. Various live baccarat games are available to online players, mainly catering to those who prefer fast-paced gambling rounds.

Besides the standard game, you may find the following versions of live baccarat online:

  • Speed Baccarat – A version of baccarat with faster dealing (face-up cards) and only 12 seconds of betting time before each round.
  • Lightning Baccarat – Cards receive randomized multipliers (2x-8x) during a Lightning round. If a winning hand contains a multiplier, you’ll multiply that by your payout from the main game—which offers a 1.41% house edge for a Banker bet. There’s up to a 512:1 payout (8 x 8 x 8) for Player/Banker bets and 576:1 for P/B Pair side bets.
  • No Commission Baccarat – The Banker wager pays 1:1 with a house advantage of 1.46%. However, if the Banker wins with a total of six, you’ll lose half your wager (whenever applicable).
  • Baccarat Squeeze – The dealer “squeezes” each facedown card as they slowly get revealed to the player.
  • Baccarat Control Squeeze – Players control when cards get revealed by clicking “Peel to Reveal.”
  • No Commission Speed Baccarat – Speed and No Commission versions of baccarat get combined.

Tips From Us Before Playing Live Dealer Baccarat

Playing live dealer baccarat is pretty straightforward. However, players should consider a few simple gambling tips before getting started.

Use Safe Websites and Browsers

Online safety is essential for playing live dealer baccarat. Make sure you choose regulated casinos in a legal jurisdiction with reliable games and trustworthy payout options.

Use the latest versions for web browsers and implement multi-factor authentication wherever possible.

Research Comfortably Before Playing

Gambling online requires careful research to learn about casino games, betting styles, odds, and more. Try practicing at social casinos or via demo play options to get more comfortable when playing for real money online.

Set Your Limits

Players should only gamble what they can afford to lose. Setting financial limits is crucial. We recommend wagering only 1% – 2% of your in-game balance per hand to keep your bankroll intact.

Prepare A Style

Once you gain knowledge and experience in live baccarat, you can develop a betting style based on your bankroll. For example, flat bets—the same wager amount on each hand (on the Banker in regular baccarat) are valuable for staying disciplined and earning a better return-to-player (RTP) average.

Conclusions and Advantages of Live Dealer Baccarat

Live dealer baccarat is an excellent option for online players, regardless of their bankrolls. While not as popular as table games like blackjack and roulette, the speedy versions of baccarat offer a quicker pace that’s exciting and unique.

Trying out different versions of live baccarat games could be beneficial towards making you a more intelligent player and a better gambler.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Live Dealer Baccarat FAQs

Yes, live dealer games at our recommended casinos are regulated in the U.S. Games routinely get tested for fairness—as licensed casinos are beholden to in-state authorities.

To play live dealer baccarat online, choose a table from a casino’s Live Dealer section (desktop or mobile app) on their gambling platform. Click ‘Play’ on any baccarat table to start with bets in the main game (Player/Banker/Tie) and side bets.

You can play live dealer baccarat online at our recommended casinos. These are the safest and most reputable options in the industry. There are also online baccarat tables at the social casino

Players can play live dealer baccarat for free in a social gaming environment at There are two different live dealer software providers for baccarat at the popular social casino.

The object of baccarat is to get the closest to nine from a two-or-three-card hand (cards two through nine equal their numerical value, while 10s and face cards represent zero; Aces are ones). You can wager on the Player or Banker to win each round or for them to Tie each other. Side bets may also be available.

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