Friday, June 21, 2024

Boris Johnson spotted shopping for bargains at budget chain store

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Boris Johnson has been spotted bargain-hunting at the popular discount retailer B&M.

The former Prime Minister was spotted browsing the aisles of the Didcot, Oxfordshire, branch of B&M Home Store and Garden Centre, casually dressed in a white shirt with sleeves rolled up and top buttons undone and carrying a B&M shopping bag.

He was spotted at around midday on Saturday, with an eyewitness capturing the moment Boris left the store and drove away in a green Toyota Previa people carrier.

At the checkout, Boris was also seen paying for his items, as shoppers looked on in surprise.

One shopper said: “I was at B&M in Didcot and my wife said ‘I think that’s Boris Johnson‘ it was definitely him.”

The onlooker added, “It was just really interesting to see the ex-Prime Minister shopping at a B&M in Didcot. He got in really old car – it was a Toyota Privia.”

“You don’t expect to see him in an old car, you expect to see people like that in flash cars it was a people carrier type of car, so he must use it to carry the kids around.”

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