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Climate change impacts grassroot sports across the East of England

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62% of people are less motivated following extreme weather events.

Author: Lauren WattPublished 7 hours ago

Recent data from Sport England has revealed that extreme weather is not only disrupting regular sports participation but also threatening the future of community sports and physical activity including here in Suffolk.

Across the East of England 50% of adults reported doing less sport and physical activity due to extreme weather with 62% feeling less motivated to do physical activity following extreme weather events.

Chair of Sport England, Chris Boardman said:

“We’re the first generation to truly understand this and we are also the last generation that can do something about it which is quite stark when you think about it.

On the positive side, we’ve gone, we are a sector that is uniquely placed to lead because we are emotionally connected to people in communities and the changes we make can ripple.”

Looking ahead, 19% of adults anticipate a further negative impact on sports and physical activity levels if weather patterns continue

Sport England are investing £45 million with the aim of restoring flooded pitches, promoting sustainable practices, and supporting sports clubs, marking a significant step in combating climate change’s impact.

The investment is part of a broader £100 million funding strategy, which includes:

£60 million for the Swimming Pool Support Fund: This initiative aims to make hundreds of swimming pools across the country more environmentally and financially sustainable.

£20 million for programmes promoting active engagement with nature: By 2030, thousands more people are expected to connect with and become active in natural settings.

£10 million for restoring flooded sports pitches: This funding will address the growing issue of pitch unavailability due to flooding.

10% of Sport England’s £160 million Movement Fund in order to promote environmental sustainability

You can find out more about Sport England on their website.

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