Thursday, June 13, 2024

Erol Bulut: Rob Earnshaw fears Cardiff will lose manager

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Former Wales and Cardiff City striker Rob Earnshaw fears that his former club will lose the services of Erol Bulut as manager.

Talks about extending the contract of the German-born former Turkey Under-21 international were not sanctioned until the end of April.

“Cardiff City are in a really tough position at the moment and that shouldn’t be the case,” Earnshaw told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast.

“They’ve had all season and this should have been done six months ago.

“He (Bulut) is a good manager and they should renew. I believe there is a contract that has been pushed across the table for him to sign, the problem is you’ve left it really, really late.

“I’m sure there’s interest from other clubs, but the problem Cardiff City have is it’s real turmoil in terms of planning.”

Bulut has returned to his home in Istanbul to consider his options after initially only being offered a one-year extension.

It is also thought that Bulut feels he deserves more after this season’s 12th-place finish and having operated under a transfer embargo for much of his tenure since the former Fenerbahce boss joined in June 2023.

“It should be planning for next season, who (players) are you signing and how are you going to progress. That is what should be happening,” Earnshaw added.

“That is nowhere near the case until you have a manager in place because you need someone in place to start all those progressions.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Erol Bulut moves on to a different team completely and Cardiff City are starting at square one, looking for a completely different manager.”

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