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European country has the most walkable cities in the world

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Spain is one of the UK’s leading holiday destinations and it’s also one of the world’s most walkable countries, according to a new study.

A new study, reported in the Economist, judged cities’ walkability by finding which spots are the most active in the world.

The results were found by finding out how people travelled to work and then ranking cities based on how many people walked or cycled for their commute.

While Quelimane, a port city in Mozambique, was the most walkable destination in the world, Spain had a whopping four cities in the top 10.

Granollers, a city around 30km from Barcelona, was the country’s most walkable with 72 percent of people cycling or walking to work.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, a city in northern Spain, was another of the world’s easiest cities to get around on foot.

Bilbao and Leon, both in northern Spain, also made the top 10 and more than 65 percent of people in all four cities walked or cycled to work.

The UK didn’t have any cities in the top 10 and Birmingham was named as the least walkable city in the world outside of North America.

Peja, a small city in Kosovo, was named as Europe’s most walkable city with almost 80 percent of residents walking or cycling to work.

North America had the world’s least walkable cities and in some cities, fewer than one percent of people used an active mode of transport to reach work.

In Asia, many people used public transport to get to work, even in the continent’s biggest cities.

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