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Europe’s most affordable city break destination is a two-hour flight from UK

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The global luggage storage provider Stasher has shared the most affordable destinations for a weekend city break in Europe.

City breaks are an ideal way to see a new place and its most famous attractions without spending large quantities of time and money.

According to the company, Krakow offers the cheapest city break in Europe, with the full cost of a weekend trip there priced at an average of £532.58.

The most expensive aspect of the trip to the Polish city was the flights, which cost £157, whilst each night in a hotel typically costs around £100.

With around 11 million tourists visiting Krakow each year, many enjoy taking a trip to the Rynek Glowny Central Square, which is said to be the centrepiece of the Old Town and home to the beautiful St Mary’s Basilica cathedral.

Another cheap destination for a European city break is Bucharest, the capital of Romania, where the typical weekend trip costs tourists £564.80.

The city offers the cheapest hotel prices within the top 10, with tourists paying an average of £86.79 for each night they stay, and a meal at McDonalds typically costs a very reasonable £6 per person.

Tourists interested in seeing some of Romania’s most distinctive landmarks should consider visiting Palatul Parlamentului, which is the world’s second-largest government building, and the Stavropoleos Monastery, part of the city since 1724.

Finally, Stasher noted that tourists looking for an affordable city break should consider Warsaw, with a typical stay in the Polish capital costing tourists £566.03.

Again, flights are the most expensive part of the trip, averaging at £211.29 for a round trip, whilst hotels are priced at £104.61 per night.

A very colourful city, many visitors enjoy taking a walk through Stare Miasto, Warsaw’s old town, and see the monument to famous musician and composer Frédéric Chopin.

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