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Helpful tip can help tourists go anywhere in European capital for £11 per day

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The online coupon platform Wethrift has shared a number of ways in which tourists can save money when visiting popular destinations in Europe.

Whilst many tourists are cutting back on unnecessary expenses, simple tricks can help to make sure they still have a good time whilst they are on holiday.

Nick Drewe, Discount Expert and founder of Wethrift, suggested that tourists visiting Paris should be sure to get a Go Paris travel pass, which can help them reach attractions in the city for €13.95 (£11) per day.

He explained: “Perfect for people travelling to one of the most popular cities in the world this summer, the Go Paris pass allows you to save money when visiting all of the best attractions.

“From the Louvre, to the Eiffel Tower, to the Aquarium de Paris and many more, these passes – which can be purchased for both children and adults – encourage tourists to see as many signs as possible over the course of three days.”

Similarly, those travelling to Budapest for their next holiday were advised by Wethrift to consider buying a monthly train ticket.

Whilst the capital of Hungary has plenty of attractions to suit all tourists, tourists can travel as far around the country as they want for 9,500HUF (£21) per month.

The company suggested that this is particularly helpful for tourists who enjoy spending time in the open air, giving them the chance to easily visit the Danube River.

In addition, Nick suggested that those wanting to save some money in Amsterdam try the local street food, stating that vendors often use better ingredients than more familiar companies.

He added: “It is a truth commonly acknowledged that Amsterdam in Holland is not the most budget-friendly place to travel to. However, there are tips you can adhere to in order to save money.

“One of the best ways to slash your spending is to sample food from street vendors – think vans, trucks and markets. Furthermore, everything is likely to be made with the freshest and most authentic ingredients, making it kind to your bank account too.”

Finally, the money expert suggested that those planning on visiting the Italian capital should consider visiting the Colosseum on Sundays, when the entrance is free of charge.

He continued: “There are many different tourist sites to visit in Rome, Italy, but one of the most breathtaking has to be the Colosseum.

“On the first Sunday of every month, visiting the Colosseum is totally free – and this ticket also offers you access to Palatine Hill and the famous Roman Forum.”

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