Saturday, June 22, 2024

Hire more British, Mel Stride will tell businesses

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Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, and Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor, delivered the first two last week which featured blistering attacks on Labour over security and taxes.

Mr Stride will move the attack on to the battle to tame the ballooning welfare budget, championing the Tories’ twin crackdown on immigration and sickness benefits.

He will say: “With the next generation of welfare reforms, we are building a new economic model based on British talent.

“It’s a plan providing more opportunities for people here at home to get on, to progress, and to increase their pay.”

He will go on to say that pubs and restaurants, care homes, construction firms and manufacturers must employ more Britons.

Recruitment challenge

He will point to a border crackdown announced last December by the Prime Minister which is expected to see net migration fall by around 300,000 this year.

The measures included curbing the number of dependents foreign workers can bring and raising the salary threshold for the issuing of employment visas.

“I know this presents a recruitment challenge for some employers in certain sectors, particularly those that have relied more on migration in the past,” Mr Stride will say.

“But this is also a huge opportunity for the thousands of jobseekers within our domestic workforce to move into roles that have previously been filled by overseas workers.

“So my message to businesses is clear – our jobcentre teams stand ready to help you find the right candidate, and we want to work with you to overcome recruitment challenges.

“And my message is also to the British people. For too long, we have relied on labour from abroad when there is great talent right here in the UK – I am determined to put that right.”

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