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‘I’m a flight expert – few tourists know most airlines offer free messaging’

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A popular travel expert has offered a number of tips that can help tourists stay connected at no extra cost the next time they are on a long-haul flight.

Whilst airlines typically offer plenty of movies and TV shows for passengers to watch, it can be quite difficult for tourists to stay connected with the world whilst they are up in the air.

However, in a recent video, Megan from YouTube channel Portable Professional, stated that some airlines offer travellers the ability to use some communication apps for free.

She explained: “Flight messaging is another freebie that’s offered by many major airlines, like Southwest and Delta. These airlines will make you pay for inflight Wi-Fi, which is often not very good.

“However, they will allow passengers to send messages through specific apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp at no extra cost. Just make sure you download these necessary apps before your flight.”

Whilst the majority of airlines still require passengers to pay extra to use on board Wi-Fi, if it is available at all, a limited service is typically provided for free.

This service allows tourists to use basic messaging apps, including Facebook Messanger, iMessage, Teams and WhatsApp whilst the aeroplane mode is turned on.

However, Megan warned viewers that they will need to make sure that these apps are installed to their phone before they connect to the service, as large downloads will not be possible.

Later in the video, Megan noted that a growing number of companies, such as JetBlue and Singapore Airlines, are beginning to offer free Wi-Fi on board.

She continued: “On the other hand, JetBlue stands out from other airlines by offering free inflight Wi-Fi across all of their flights, whether it’s domestic or international.

“It means passengers can use messaging apps as well as streaming, browsing and staying connected, just as they would on the ground, without any additional fees.”

Finally, passengers who want to take a digital detox whilst they are up in the air were advised by Megan to see what free activities the airline company offers for children, with many giving away kits to keep young ones occupied.

She added: “Another great tip for parents is to check and see if the airline offers free kits to help keep kids entertained. United Airlines gives out a kit with an activity book, crayons and a puzzle, catering to kids of all ages.

United is also leading the way as the first US airline to offer a Sensory Calming strip that has a textured surface to help soothe anxiety, and you don’t need to be a kid to get it.”

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