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Incredible European train trip that takes you through the 10 ‘cheapest’ cities

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With interrailing becoming increasingly popular, this incredible European train trip allows you to travel through the 10 cheapest cities in Europe for as little as £287 and spending no more than £65 each day. 

The interrail pass, which allows for 10 days of unlimited, borderless, train travel within two months, can be bought for £287 for those under 27 and £383 for those up to 60. 

The company was founded in 1959 and sold 1.2 million tickets last year, a 25 percent growth on the previous year, including 170,000 sold to U.S. citizens, a 39 percent growth from 2022. 

The Interrail Pass – for European residents – and the Eurail Pass for those who are not, allows travel between 33 countries at their own pace, even at the last minute.

Within those 33 countries, Eurail connects over 30,000 destinations, including some of Europe’s cheapest cities.

It is valid for one outbound and inbound journey from your home country, occurring during the travel days at any point in your trip. 

Eurrail B.V. is owned by over 35 European railway and ferry companies and is based in the Netherlands. It uses the Europe Backpacker Index, designed to make an accurate budget and help you find bargains. However, travel has become more expensive in the last few years, with inflations of between three and ten percent in countries, so there is a noticeable increase in prices from year to year.

The most popular destinations in recent years have included Italy, France, Germany and Austria, but these ten cheapest cities are perfect for those on a budget. 

Cities in Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania can all be visited for below £65 a day, some as low as £36. In Poland, Warsaw’s museums can be visited for free on Sundays and beach days can be enjoyed at any of the three on the Vistula River, which can also be crossed using a free ferry, meaning the average daily cost on a budget can be as little as $44. 

A 2.5-hour train ride from Warsaw to Krakow, the next Polish city on the list, can be explored for just £37.30 a day, including exploring its affordable market, Plac Nowy, and enjoying the free concerts each month during the summer months, known as the Krakow Nights Festival. 

After taking a 3.5-hour ride from Warsaw, you will reach Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic, the most expensive city on the list, but still averaging at £60 a day. This walkable city has a castle complex which can be explored for free, and many hostels and tours have free drink offers. Food and drink in general here are satisfyingly cheap, with a pint of beer costing about £1.54 on average. 

Bratislava in Slovakia can be explored for about $48 a day on a budget. Its Transport and Slovakian National Museums can be explored for free and in the summer there are free silm screenings at Bratislava’s beach.

In Budapest, Hungary, you can make the 0.6-mile walk up Castle Hill, affording beautiful views and from there you can explore the National Gallery, library and History Museum for a small fee, totalling about £37.30. 

Zagreb in Croatia and Belgrade in Serbia are also on the list, with a daily cosy average of £44.10 and £39.99 respectively. Again, there are museums and castles to visit and markets to be explored, including Zagreb’s Dolac Market and Belgrade’s 18th-century fortress which you can enter for free. 

Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina can be explored for just £39.17, including the Old Bazar (Baščaršija) and its churches and mosques are free to enter, recommended outside of prayer times. 

Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania) complete the list, costing £31.30 and £33.17 respectively. Explore Sofia’s Art Gallery and catch the changing of the guard at the President’s Office for free, and drink the free hot mineral water at the Banya Bashi Springs. Then, take one of the 9.5 hour daily trains from Sofia to Bucharest, where you can explore the impressive Palace of the Parliament, or pay an entry fee to explore inside. 

Research Analyst at Eurail, Jody Bauer, said: “Travelers are always surprised to find out that a Eurail Pass is an all-in-one train ticket giving them flexible access to most trains across Europe. Unlike traditional train tickets, with Eurail, Travelers can go wherever they want, whenever they want,” when speaking to Matador Network

“If you’re planning a longer journey with multiple stopovers and changes,” she continued, “the flexibility and convenience of a Eurail Pass is unrivaled.”

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