Thursday, May 30, 2024

Iran threatens Britain for defending Israel in April attack

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Tehran’s attack came in retaliation after a suspected Israeli strike on Iran’s Damascus consulate on April 1 killed seven high-ranking members of the IRGC. They were with members of Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian terror group, at the compound when the attack occurred, sources with knowledge of the meeting told The Telegraph.

As soon as Iran launched the unprecedented mass drone and missile attack against Israel, four RAF Typhoons stationed in Cyprus were swiftly scrambled.

The Typhoon FGR4 multi-role fighter jets were deployed over Iraq and Syria to defend Israel, intercepting and shooting down approximately 10 to 20 Shahed suicide drones.

“Throughout the operation, over 200 planes filled the skies of the region. This area, where your brothers operated, was the most heavily defended airspace in the world,” Brig Gen Qaani said.

“The success of the operation does not only hinge on the missiles and drones that reached the occupied lands. There are numerous intricacies and undisclosed details embedded within this operation, which will require extensive analysis to unravel,” he added.

The Islamic Republic has lauded the operation as a triumph, with officials and regime supporters leveraging the attack for domestic political gains.

Since the attack, weekly gatherings have been taking place after Friday prayers throughout Iran, with people chanting “Thanks Sepah [IRGC]” and “Death to Israel.”

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