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‘It’s half the price of living at home’: Meet the people swapping dry land for a perpetual cruise

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Odyssey will be equipped with Starlink, the satellite system that has allowed other people to work from cruise ships.

The couple, who have downsized from a house to a cottage, will stay on the ship for only around 10 days at first and rejoin it in August when it docks in Montreal. 

“That’ll give us the summer to run our stores when they’re at their busiest,” says Mrs Silva. “For the first, maybe two years, we need to stay working. To afford this means staying employed.”

The adventure will really begin when cold weather starts in October. “We’ve been trying to get away for four years,” she says. “My husband and I like to travel, that’s when we’re at our closest.”

Their 20-year-old daughter Nelene, who’s training to be a marine biologist, plans to join them for a year. “Part of the reason we did this is that she’s going to be able to experience Antarctica, the Amazon, the Galapagos, all those types of things.”

Older daughter Calyx, 34, will also visit with the couple’s three grandchildren. “We upgraded our cabin so there would be more room for our family to join us and be a part of this beautiful adventure.”

Two other things that concern Mrs Silva are that there’s a sufficient supply of coconut milk – and that she doesn’t miss a showing of Coronation Street. “We are huge fans – that’s part of our routine and I will go nutty if I don’t have it.”

Villa Vie MD Petterson admits the ship will not be fully finished on May 30 and some work will continue at sea – but he doesn’t want to delay the launch any further.

He says: “The most rewarding part is seeing the vision come true, seeing everyone come together. But for me the job isn’t done until I wave the pier goodbye.”

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