Saturday, June 22, 2024

Jobs or the environment? And, how do pilots prepare for turbulence?

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How do we help people keep their jobs and livelihoods alongside the pressure to move to an environmentally friendly and sustainable future?

It’s been estimated that 1.3 million jobs in the UK could be affected by the drive to get to net zero emissions – many in traditional industries such as steelmaking.

Sophy Ridge presents this episode with Sky News’ people and politics correspondent Nick Martin whose reporting has been focusing on Port Talbot in South Wales, where thousands are employed in the steel industry.

Plus, following severe turbulence on a London to Singapore flight where one passenger, a 73-year-old British man died, “likely from a heart attack” and more than two dozen injured, Sophy speaks to pilot and aviation consultant Tim Atkinson about how commercial pilots plan for, and deal with, turbulence.

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Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse
Editor: Paul Stanworth

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