Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool boss says he would vote to scrap VAR

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Klopp said it has been the “most intense” week of his life as he prepares to take charge of Liverpool for the last time.

The 56-year-old German will leave the club after Liverpool’s Premier League season finale against Wolves at Anfield at Sunday.

“Saying goodbye I don’t think is ever nice but saying goodbye without feeling sad or hurt, that would just mean the time we spent together was not great, and we had a great time,” Klopp said.

Klopp, who was appointed Liverpool manager in October 2015, led the club to seven major trophies.

He won the Champions League in 2019 before leading Liverpool to their first league title in 30 years in the 2019-20 season.

Asked about his legacy at Liverpool, Klopp said: “I know we could have won more, but I can’t change that.

“Missing the title by a point shows you are really good. The nearly-wins will not be in the history books, but you can’t see it like that. You cannot do any better, or any different.

“Could someone else have done better? Probably. But I couldn’t. The rest will be judged by the people, and I’m sure most think we were absolutely fine.”

Liverpool are certain to finish third this season regardless of the result against Wolves.

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