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Lovely and quiet UK beach with ‘stunning views’ of France

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The UK is home to thousands of beaches and with summer upon us, many Britons are looking for hidden gem beaches in a bid to beach the bustling crowds heading for the coastline.

Nestled on the east coast of Jersey is Archirondel Beach, which though popular for its incredible views, is noted to be a quiet and peaceful spot when compared with some of the UK’s busiest beaches.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about this beach, however, is the view. Experts from Condor Ferries, who dubbed the beach one of the most “family-friendly” beaches in the UK, said: “In the horizon, you can see the stunning French coastline.”

Condor Ferries offer several ferry routes between mainland England and Jersey, with the fastest route running from Poole to Jersey, which takes just four hours. Alternatively, you can also fly to Jersey from a number of UK airports.

Archirondel Beach is home to a famous breakwater which helps to protect the beach from strong winds and waves, making it a good spot for families. The shingle upper beach leads to soft gold sands which are perfect for days spent building sandcastles or relaxing on the shore.

There are also a number of rock pools at the far end of the beach, perfect for exploring with little ones.

The calm seas make it a great spot for kayaking or paddle boarding, however, those who are hoping to swim should exercise caution.

It’s not uncommon to come across locals using the rocks and breakwater to dive into the sea, but this should only be done if you are an experienced swimmer and know the area. There are often large rocks concealed beneath the water.

High tides can also drag slippery pebbles in which can make wading out into the water challenging.

One of Archirondel Beach’s signature features is its Martello tower, recognisable by its red and white colour scheme which helps boats safely navigate the area. The tower also makes the beach a picturesque spot loved by photographers.

Previous visitors to the beach commend its peaceful surroundings, with a previous beachgoer describing it as a “lovely quiet spot” in a Tripadvisor review.

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