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Macau’s DICJ approves new Tiger Baccarat side bets

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A number of Macau’s concessionaires have been preparing to roll out a new baccarat side bet offering odds as high as 50/1 after it received approval from the local regulator, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ).

The side bet, most commonly known globally as Tiger No Commission Baccarat, is variously referred to in Macau as “Small 6/Big 6”, “Small Lucky 6/Big Lucky 6” or “Small Tiger/Big Tiger”, depending on the concessionaire, and is similar to the popular Lucky 6 game but offers both two-card and three-card side bet options.

The “Small Tiger” bet offers odds of 22/1 and is paid when a Banker bet wins the hand with a two-card total of 6. “Big Tiger” offers odds of 50/1 and is paid on Banker wins with a three-card total of 6.

Although the house edge of 14.3% on “Small 6” and 15.3% on “Big 6” is lower than the 16.7% offered on traditional Lucky 6, it is hoped the offer of two different side bet options provides additional appeal to customers. The game is known to be particularly popular among Malaysian and Singaporean players.

IAG is aware of at least three concessionaires to have already installed this new side bet option on multiple baccarat tables, while one concessionaire said they would wait to see how the bet is received before moving forward.

The bet is also supported by both Walker Digital Table Systems and Angel, the two companies providing smart table game technology to Macau’s concessionaires.

IAG understands the DICJ previously sent game rules and details to its six concessionaires and approved the new bet to go live from 29 April.

The DICJ did not respond to a request for comment.

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