Saturday, June 22, 2024

Man’s plane action leaves people ‘repulsed’ – but one passenger gets revenge

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A woman got the ultimate revenge on a man who placed his feet above her head on a flight.

The passenger was lost for words after she caught the man sleeping with his feet pressed up against the window by her face. Even the cabin crew were proper grossed out, and the whole plane supported the woman as she got her own back.

She and a friend were chatting about the bizarre behaviour when she remembered she’d packed some nail varnish in her carry-on baggage. Pulling out the hot pink shade, she gave the man’s toenails a makeover as he snoozed.

Once her handiwork was done she summoned a flight attendant who woke the man up and told him to lower his feet. It was then he realised what she had done.

A clip of the incident has been posted to TikTok where it has so far amassed over six million views. Fans also flooded the comments section with their thoughts.

“I love how every woman around is laughing, including the woman sitting right next to him,” one viewer said.

“The flight attendant was repulsed,” another added. Meanwhile a third chimed in: “This is the only acceptable situation to use nail polish in an enclosed space.”

“You get what you get when you’re inconsiderate,” someone else chimed in.

Another pointed out the audacity of the act despite the spacious seating: “The fact that this is business class with extra leg room, and he still did this. Insane.”

Another added: “That was priceless payback next time he’ll think twice about it. Love it.”

“You don’t put your feet on someone else’s seat,” one commenter scolded. Echoing the sentiment, another said: “Even worse offence, dangling you toes above someone’s head is a definite violation.”

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