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Minimal Golf announces UK distribution partner for range of sustainable golf bags

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Californian-based golf bag brand Minimal Golf is to start selling its range of trolley and stand bags in the UK for the first time.

With a mission to create the best, environmentally responsible golf products ‘For the Player and For the Planet’, Minimal Golf is dedicated to ‘innovation, utility, preservation, and simplicity’.

Now, golfers across the UK can experience these best-in-class golf bags through an exclusive partnership with EuroSelect Golf Stores.

The range currently includes the Terra stand bag and the Gaia cart/trolley bag, both of whose designs has evolved from similar bags made for the US market. 

Both bags are made from recycled Seawastex-compliant ripstop nylon made from discarded nylon fishing nets recovered from the oceans and beaches. These are processed into pellets and made into durable nylon yarn which features a water-resistant surface coating. They also both feature magnetic pocket closures, doing away with zips that are often the first element to fail on a golf bag. 

Terra is an 8.5-inch stand bag with a 5-way top, with full-length dividers with durable velour lining. Weighing 2.77kg (with A single strap), it features include fully magnetic pocket closures for easy access; 7 exterior and 2 interior pockets, including insulated cooler compartment; A rangefinder compartment with added magnetic anchor; lined valuables pocket; convertible double and single strap system for personal carrying comfort; customisable front ball pocket; rain-resistant seam sealed rain hood; fast-action stand system with restrainer, coupled with cart-friendly base; towel and members tag rings; draw string adjusted umbrella fixing.
The Terra stand bag is offered in white, grey and black colour options, with a subtle ‘M’ logo on the lower side pocket. The SRP is £399.

Magnetic closures on external pockets not only enable easier access but will also help to extend the lifespan of the bag

The Gaia is a 9.5-inch trolley bag features a 14-way top with full-length dividers. Weighing 3.36kg, it boasts all of the same features as the Terra stand bag with the addition of two extra pockets, totalling 8 exterior and 3 interior. It is offered in grey or black with the ‘M’ logo on the lower front pocket. The SRP is £449.

Sam Goulden, CEO and founder of Minimal Golf, said: “With our experience in making premium golf bags we want to leave our mark. We strive to make our product sustainable via the use of high-performance nylon adapted from waste fishing nets recovered from our oceans. Our environmental goal is to reduce, recycle and repurpose whenever we can. We partner with sustainability initiatives which share our values and preserve our environment. It is a costly, but effective process in reducing microplastic pollution in our oceans.”

The bags are made from nylon that has been recycled from recovered fishing nets

“In addition, the most common reason for discarding a golf bag is down to zippers breaking. Minimal Golf have removed these fasteners and instead choose magnetic pocket closures that do the job better, more efficiently and most importantly will last longer than you will ever use your golf bag.”

“We have worked with our global team to develop the right bags for each region and are delighted by the response received from EuroSelect to the potential Minimal Golf has to make our mark on the golfing landscape outside of the US.”

Nick Tempest, General Manager of EuroSelect Golf Stores, commented: “The opportunity to work with Minimal Golf and present a unique golf bag brand via our independent network of retailers is an exciting venture for us. We look forward to the journey with Minimal Golf to bring to market a progressive and sustainable brand that should appeal to our customers”.

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