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More travel confusion as another UK airport only half scraps 100ml liquids rule

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ANOTHER UK airport has been able to scrap liquid rules for passengers ahead of the busy summer holiday period.

New security scanners are being installed at all of the country’s airports, which will eventually make passing through security checks much simpler.


Passengers no longer have to remove their liquids from their hand luggageCredit: Getty
The rule change has been brought in as a result of new scanners being installed


The rule change has been brought in as a result of new scanners being installedCredit: Getty
Leeds Bradford is one of several UK airports to have the scanners in place


Leeds Bradford is one of several UK airports to have the scanners in placeCredit: Alamy

The latest to install the new equipment is Leeds Bradford Airport, which is now ready to scrap some of the tight liquid rules as a result of having the scanners in place.

Eventually, passengers will be able to travel without limiting their liquids to 100ml, nor will they have to take their liquids and electronic devices out of their bags.

However, the rules haven’t been completely scrapped at Leeds Bradford just yet.

Although liquid containers no longer have to be removed from bags during the scanning process, their contents still cannot exceed 100ml in size.

Leeds Bradford Airport Chief Executive Vincent Hodder said the rules had been reversed due to a “change of direction” from the government.

He told the BBC: “With the new technology that we’ve been permitted, it now means that customers can now leave their electronics and their electrical items in the bag, and they can also leave their liquids in the bag.

“It avoids that process of having to stop, and have to sort it out separately.

“It also avoids the re-packing at the other end of the security experience.

However, passengers are still limited by how much liquid they can bring, despite the scanners being brought in to remove the need to keep liquids below 100ml.

Last week, Transport Secretary Mark Harper advised travellers to check airport websites for specific rules before travelling to be clear on what the regulations were.

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That came after the rules were reversed at several UK airports, causing delays and confusion.

Along with Leeds Bradford, Newcastle, London City, Aberdeen, Southend, Bristol and Teesside airports have all had to reintroduce the 100ml restrictions on liquids.

Harper said the reintroduction of restrictions was to allow “changes” to be made to the scanning equipment.

He added: “It’s a temporary measure and we’ll set out when that can be reversed in due course.”

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The Sun’s Head of Travel Lisa Minot has explained how the new scanners will change the way Brits travel through UK airports.

She said: “The new generation of CT scanners will be a huge boost to passengers flying out of UK airports.

“Laptops and other electronic devices can stay in your luggage and there’s no need to stick to the current 100ml liquid restriction that has been in place for the last 18 years.

“Eventually, you’ll be able to take up to two litres of liquids without having to remove them from your hand luggage.

“But the scanners are a huge logistical nightmare for airports who have to install the new machines while still processing large numbers of passengers via the old ones.

“Birmingham will be the first major UK airport to switch to the new scanners on June 1 – giving travellers a quicker, less complicated security experience. Teesside and London City airports are already using the new system.

“But it’s worth bearing in mind that not all airports across the globe have the equipment.

“You may well be able to fly out with liquids over 100ml – but if the airport you fly home from doesn’t have them yet you could find yourself coming a cropper.

“While we transition over the next couple of years you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of the arrangements in any airport you fly through.”

The new scanners have also been causing problems for passengers at Birmingham Airport, which became the first major UK airport to have the equipment put in place.

Similar restrictions to the way the scanners can be used at the moment have sparked confusion over rules at security – leading to long queues.

Despite the scanners being fully installed, the airport said that “until further notice” passengers would only be able to carry liquids of up to 100ml.

A spokesperson added: “We cannot use the new screening equipment to its full capability at the moment due to a partial regulatory restriction. This is out of our control.

“The airport has continually planned for this transition from our old security area, to our new, and had considered the impact of the building works, new equipment, and the unfamiliar queuing areas.”

Meanwhile, this airport has warned passengers to keep to strict luggage rules despite having the new scanners in place.

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Passengers still have to stick to the 100ml liquid restrictions


Passengers still have to stick to the 100ml liquid restrictionsCredit: Getty

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