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Most popular staycation area has rural landscape and beaches but no tourists

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The insurance company Howden has shared the most popular staycation destinations, based on the number of holiday homes in the area.

Renting out a holiday home can help tourists experience another part of the country without sacrificing independence, space or creature comforts.

According to Howden Insurance, the most area with the highest density of holiday homes in the UK is the Isles of Scilly, an archipellago off the coast of Cornwall.

Whilst there are only 65 holiday homes on the islands, the incredibly low population means that a considerable five percent of all houses are used by tourists.

For many visitors, the reason why the Isles of Scilly features so many holiday homes is due to the area’s relaxing way of life and large number of beaches.

Another UK staycation destination that features plenty of holiday homes is the South Hams District, found on the south coast of Devon.

With over 2,000 holiday homes in the area, around 4.4 percent of all property in the South Hams District is used by visitors.

Very similarly to the Isles of Scilly, it’s popularity with tourists is largely due to the surrounding countryside, with many enjoying the time spent relaxing on the beaches or taking fresh air walks through the Dartmoor National Park.

Finally, Howden Insurance noted that Gwynedd is also a very popular choice for holidaymakers, with 4.1 percent of property considered holiday homes.

Despite being the second-largest region in Wales, with an area of 120/sq miles, Gwynedd only has a population of around 117,500.

As a result, it is an incredibly quiet destination that features plenty of natural beauty, including the iconic Snowdonia National Park.

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