Sunday, June 16, 2024

Nat Sciver-Brunt missed England T20 v Pakistan after egg-freezing treatment

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Sciver-Brunt is expected to return for the second T20 in Northampton on Friday (18:30 BST).

The all-rounder is one of the highest-paid female athletes in the UK after being sold for about £320,000 to Mumbai Indians in the Women’s Premier League auction in early 2023.

Egg-freezing is the process of harvesting and freezing a woman’s eggs so she can have children at a later date.

“I’d like to carry a baby when I finish playing cricket and I think Katherine would like to carry a baby as well,” she said.

“England have been really good. The sports science and medical department are really supportive and helping me along the way, making sure coming back to cricket has been smooth. After the procedure you’re wiped out for quite a few days.”

Katherine added that the 2028 Olympics, when cricket will return to the Games in Los Angeles, is a major motivator for Sciver-Brunt extending her career, rather than taking a break to have a baby.

“If Nat was 24 she might want to have a child, then come back and play. At 31, it’s on the verge,” she said.

“Freezing the eggs now and having healthy eggs to come back to -it’s great to be able to have that choice because it’s not cheap and very invasive.”

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