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Netherlands players and pundits furious about England’s controversial VAR penalty

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However pundits were less convinced. In Telegraph Sport’s live coverage, columnist Jamie Carragher said it was “never a penalty” while Lee Dixon, co-commentating on ITV, said: “I’m pleased, don’t get me wrong, but you have to challenge for the ball. I don’t think it’s a penalty but I don’t care.”

Gary Neville and Ian Wright were involved in a heated exchange in the ITV studio at half-time as they disagreed with the decision.

Neville said: “As a defender I think it’s an absolute disgrace. An absolutely disgraceful decision to have that given against me as a penalty any time, but in a game of such importance [even worse]. 

“I was fuming with the Denmark one the other week, I was offended by that one, that was a disgrace. I have to say the defender just goes in naturally and blocks the shot, it’s not a penalty for me. 

“I don’t think many of the England players were claiming it either. Harry obviously stayed down, he took a knock but look, you take your luck, England have had a really good half.”

Wright replied: “That is reckless. His studs are up. They’ve given it – anywhere else on the pitch and it’s a foul.”

But Neville snapped back: “If someone thinks that’s reckless? Honestly that’s not a penalty. There has to be licence to try and block the shot.”

Gary Lineker echoed Neville’s view. “I’m sorry but however biased you may be, I can’t see how that is a penalty,” he said on The Rest Is Football podcast. 

Micah Richards added: “It was pathetic to see that decision. And when they sent him to the screen, I just knew he was going to overturn it. You can still go to the screen and stick with your original decision. 

“I don’t think it helped the fact that Kane was rolling around. And he might have been in pain because we’ve all, as footballers, had it that way, it just catches the bottom of your foot at times. But I don’t understand what Dumfries is supposed to do there. He’s not gone and lunged at Kane. He’s sort of kept his distance, put his foot up to block the shot, Kane’s had the shot, followed through. 

“It’s just a collision after the shot. It’s one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen in top-level football. 

“It wasn’t a penalty. Fact. It’s not the case of, ‘Oh well, if that…’ And that is the problem with VAR. We’ve talked about it. “But, as England fans, as Englishmen, we will take it.”

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