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One of the world’s ‘most beautiful’ sunset destinations is ‘unforgettable’

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Despite happening night after night, the sunset is an awe-inspiring moment that sees the sky awash with beautiful hues of magenta, burning orange, deep red and even lilacs. No matter where in the world you are, it often leaves people gazing up towards the sky in wonder, and there are countless beautiful destinations to observe the natural spectacle.

However, there is one destination which has been described as one of the world’s “most beautiful” sunset spots.

As you might imagine, the destination also offers some pretty incredible sunrises.

Assekrem is a high plateau in the Hoggar Mountains of southern Algeria, rising from the larger Atakor plateau within the Ahaggar National Park. The rugged mountainous region looks out across a landscape of eroded volcanic cores and is considered one of the many wonders of southern Algeria.

The destination is located around 50 miles from the city of Tamanrasset, and getting there can be a difficult journey, but it’s one which is well worth it according to travellers.

Turkish traveller Idris shared his experience of Assekrem on Tripadvisor, stating: “Unforgettable panoramic views can be enjoyed at Assekrem in Tamanrasset, particularly during sunrise or sunset.

“The journey there is challenging due to rugged terrain, but the tranquillity and beauty once you arrive make it worthwhile. Bring plenty of water and snacks, as amenities are limited. Nature lovers who seek awe-inspiring landscapes should definitely visit this place.”

In 2015, UNESCO named Assekrem as “the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in Algeria and in the world”. [SIC]

From here, you can watch the sun dip below the mountainous landscape and see shades of golden amber transition to blossom pink before turning into a deep shade of crimson.

Another traveller who visited Assekrem in 2019 shared their experience on Tripadvisor, explaining: “I feel as though I am so far away from civilisation as one can get, in this part of the world called Assekrem. The name Assekrem means the end of the world, which is entirely appropriate for the landscape that it projects.”

They continued: “During the day this part of the world is a waterless, inhospitable environment, a surreal, otherworldly landscape of volcanic-looking rock formations that rise hundreds of metres vertically into the sky.

“The stunning scenery, being in the desert and sleeping under the stars at night, is hard to describe. I am mesmerised at times, as I feel it is a trip to another world, where it is sweltering during the day, and then cold at night, maybe be barren, but always full of life.” [SIC]

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