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One thing you need to do before getting to airport for free seat upgrade

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Holidays are not cheap, with some people even deciding that they would much rather spend their hard-earned money on their meals out and accommodation. Some say their main gripe is worrying they will not get the best seat on the plane if they do fly.

But there could be a way to get that for free if you know what to do. And according to people in the know, while sometimes just asking can get nab you a free upgrade and a much comfier seat, there are other things you can do to make yourself more likely to land the seat you’re eyeing up.

According to Money Saving Expert (MSE), you need to bear in mind that getting an upgrade will likely place you in cabins that are posher. Because of this, they say it all comes to down what you do before you leave for the airport.

They suggest dressing the part to increase your chance of getting that much-desired upgrade. They explain: “While an old t-shirt and flip-flops might be comfortable, an airline is less likely to put you in with its top-paying customers if you don’t look the part.”

Holidays are not solely for simply basking in the sun and taking a break from work – they often serve a special purpose. Beyond the desire to increase your vitamin D intake and relax, many people take holidays to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and honeymoons.

MSE adds that if this is you, let the airline staff know. They say: “If you know a member of the airline staff, tell them, otherwise do it via a travel agent or drop it in while at the check-in.

“This trick is well-known and is regularly tried with check-in staff, so it can help to take a copy of your wedding documents. It won’t always result in an upgrade, but you may possibly get a free glass of champagne and some special in-flight treatment”

While these methods may not always be effective, they are still worth considering. Remember to remain courteous when making requests and avoid being abusive towards staff, who are there to assist you.

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