Thursday, June 20, 2024

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to attend UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum – The Intermediary – Latest UK mortgage news

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Next week, the UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF) is set to host 55 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) from various political parties.

The three-day event, which attracts over 12,000 attendees including investors, developers, and professionals from the built environment sector, will focus on major issues such as economic growth, solving the housing crisis, renewable energy, and community development.

UKREiiF provides a unique platform for future MPs to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities within the built environment in a setting that promotes apolitical collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Topics discussed will range from rural community needs to thriving urban centres and social infrastructure.

Labour Party representatives include notable figures such as Darren Rodwell and Kirith Entwistle, among others, while the Conservative Party will be represented by individuals like Charlie Dewhurst and Vanessa Lee. The Liberal Democrats will also have a presence with candidates like Martin Goss and Vikas Aggarwal.

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