Sunday, June 16, 2024

Running a Training Event in Ireland (taking equipment from UK to EU)

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Hi there,

My company runs PAT Testing courses across the UK, sometimes at customers’ premises. One of our clients has an office in Dublin and wants me to travel over there to run a course.

This will involve taking a small van (VW Caddy) full of equipment for the course, but of course since Brexit I’m wondering whether it might be an issue.

I have checked the HMRC website and it’s not wholly clear – although the closest information I can find seems to indicate that it’s similar to a musician taking their instrument to the EU for a gig. I won’t be leaving anything there (apart from the course handbooks) but all of the equipment I take will be coming back with me.

I understand that it might be easier for customs etc if I take the ferry to Belfast and then drive down to Dublin (this might be an easier journey for me anyway) but if anyone has any advice about the customs arramgements I would be grateful.

The value of the equipment I will be taking is not massive – it’s a collection of PAT Testers and then a lot of appliances to test on the course – we do a LOT of practical on the course; but it’s mainly old appliances (kettles, computers, toasters etc) which I’ve accumulated over the years for the course.

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